Wisdom Wednesday: From Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”

Today, we would like to introduce another new themed blog post for Wednesdays, called “Wisdom Wednesday”. When life gets a little chaotic, on or off the battlefield, some wisdom can help bring clarity and peace. These little nuggets of wisdom can be in the form of quotes or stories, and we’ll try to relate them to things you or someone you know may be going through in life.

For today’s post, we would like to share a quote from “The Art of War”, written by the Chinese general and military strategist Sun Tzu:

“A general prizes opportune changes in circumstances.”

The ongoing COVID19 pandemic has given us an opportunity to evaluate/re-evaluate our goals and the choices we make in order to achieve them. More and more people are choosing to lead a life of happiness that rewards not only one’s self but also the community as well. Not every change is easy to commit, people are too cautious when it comes to making a change. But sometimes the risk is worth it, especially when it’s performed out of your own volition. Take a look at this article from The Atlantic, which talks about that topic. Making decisions like that requires some preparation, and this article from Medium lays out some habits that you should adopt.

We hope you gained some wisdom on this Wednesday. Stay safe!

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