Surgeon general urges widespread mask use: 'It is not a suppression of your freedom'


Surgeon General Jerome Adams on last Tuesday implored Americans, and young Americans in particular, to wear masks as lawmakers and public health officials increasingly seek to break down partisan barriers about the use of face coverings.

Adams specifically sought to address arguments among some conservatives that requiring masks is an infringement on personal freedoms and civil liberties, arguing that wearing a mask will actually restore freedoms more quickly amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"Wear a face covering when you go out in public. It is not an inconvenience. It is not a suppression of your freedom. It actually is a vehicle to achieve our goals," Adams said during a briefing with members of the White House coronavirus task force.

"It adds to your convenience and your freedom because it allows us to open up more places, and it allows those places to stay open," he added, holding up his own mask. "This mask, this face covering, actually is an instrument of freedom for Americans if we all use it."

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