Stay Informed: U.S. Census ends in a month. Here's how to get counted online and why it's important.


It's time to get counted. And if you haven't done so, time is running out!

According to an article from

"You have until Sept. 30 to be counted in the 2020 U.S. Census, which is a month earlier than originally planned, according to NPR. That's only a month away.

The Census happens every 10 years, so the next one isn't until 2030. The population tally helps determine funding that goes to states, counties, and cities for roads, schools, housing and more. For politics, it's also vital: The number of representatives in Congress is based on the number of citizens in each state. John Oliver explained the importance of the census in a Last Week Tonight episode.

The 2020 census has proven challenging with the coronavirus moving data collection to mostly online spaces. But luckily, it's pretty easy to enter your information on the site You have to fill out the census in one online session, so set aside a few minutes to do so. The online form is available in many languages, not just English. If you're stressed over what the government is asking about, you can take a look at a preview of the exact questions. It's mostly about where you live and who you're living with as of April 1. There are no questions about citizenship.

In the past few months some in-person counting resumed. There's also mail-in counts and a phone line to call. So if filling out the online form doesn't work for you, there are other options. You can find more information about those options on the Census Bureau's website."


As of right now, New York lags behind, with only a completion rate 78.8 percent (under the "Enumerated" column). You can check the rest of the figures by visiting: (updates to the data are posted by 3PM EDT daily until October 1, 2020).

We cannot stress the importance of getting counted. Did you know the Census helps inform funding for health services, like walk-in clinics and hospitals? With COVID-19 still happening, funding like this can go a long way in order to keep our communities safe.

Read more about the importance of filling out the Census and how lack of funding can affect your communities from our blog:

Don’t forget! Complete the Census online at today and get counted NYC!

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