Stay Informed: The hidden struggles America’s disabled are facing during the coronavirus pandemic


Millions of Americans who suffer from hearing and vision loss are struggling to access critical health-care services. Health-care providers are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Affordable Care Act, but advocates for the disabled say there are still many gaps.

While more health-care providers are expanding virtual/telemedicine services to protect themselves and patients from possible exposure to COVID-19, people with sight and hearing impairments are frustrated by significant barriers to access with the new technology. Many individuals in the deafblind community, specifically, say they cannot use these services without assistance.

The deafblind community is a “gray area — the gap between two different disability types that do not work together,” according to Kerry Thompson, Executive Director for Silent Rhythms, a nonprofit to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in the arts and society. Thompson is also deafblind. Kerry added "Our health-care system, while doing the best in a truly unprecedented time, is not prepared to ensure inclusion of the most vulnerable population.”

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