Stay Informed: #GetCounted NYC! Fill out the Census by September 30!

Once every ten years, the US Census takes a count of every person in the United States. The taking of the census is mandated by the United States Constitution and has occurred every 10 years since 1790.

But the census is so much more than just a count. Census information is used to determine New York City’s fair share of billions of dollars in federal funds for public education, affordable housing, infrastructure, and more — as well as the number of seats we have in Congress. Equally important, federal funds are essential for proper budgeting of veteran programs in order to help support our men and women in uniform who have fought tirelessly for our freedom.

What's at stake?

  • Billions in federal funds for public education and housing, roads and bridges, and more.
  • The number of seats New York City has in congress
  • Your community. Your voice.

Because so much is at stake, it's critical that New Yorkers stand up and be counted in the 2020 Census.

The Problem

“The 2020 Census is set to end on Sept. 30, which gives us just a few weeks left to be counted. And right now, almost half of our city is in danger of being left out. If these New Yorkers aren’t counted, it will cost our communities hundreds of billions of dollars in funding we need and deserve over the next decade. As we recover from COVID-19, we will need all the aid we can get.”


The above quote was from an op-ed written by Julie Menin, Director of NYC Census 2020. She also breaks down the numbers, showing the effect the low response rate to the Census is having: 

"Right now, NYC has a census response rate of just about 55%, trailing the national average by nearly 10 points. 1.7 million NYC households are at risk of going undercounted, which would mean New York could only get half of our fair share of the $1.5 trillion in federal funding distributed according to the census count every year.

Not only that, but we could also lose two representatives in Congress, weakening our voice in government at a moment when we need it most. And now, we only have six weeks left to get our numbers up.

We’re facing a critical moment in our history, and the census will shape the direction we take. The funding we need for our schools, for our affordable housing, for our health system and emergency services, senior centers, and so much more all depend on the census. In fact, when a COVID-19 vaccine is developed, the census will help determine how those vaccines are distributed to communities across the country.

We cannot afford an undercount."

The Solution

Take action!!

The 2020 Census is only 10 questions and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Fill out the 2020 Census now at or call any of the phone numbers below to complete the questionnaire over the phone with a Census Bureau representative. You can fill it out online or over the phone in 13 languages — all you need is your address.

  • English: 844-330-2020
  • Spanish: 844-468-2020
  • Chinese (Mandarin): 844-391-2020
  • Chinese (Cantonese): 844-398-2020
  • Vietnamese: 844-461-2020
  • Korean: 844-392-2020
  • Russian: 844-417-2020
  • Arabic: 844-416-2020
  • Tagalog: 844-478-2020
  • Polish: 844-479-2020
  • French: 844-494-2020
  • Haitian Creole: 844-477-2020
  • Portuguese: 844-474-2020
  • Japanese: 844-460-2020

It is incredibly important to get every New Yorker involved to ensure that their community is counted next year. Every single count, regardless of age or immigration status, can assure that we get the resources and representation we deserve.

Time is running out fast. Make sure that you are not counted out.


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