Stay Informed: Five Strategies for Safe Shopping in the Time of COVID-19


In our last blog post, we shared a page from NYC.GOV containing vital information on all available Coronavirus-related resources for people with disabilities living in our city. Today, we would like to focus on one category: food. Specifically, buying groceries, which unfortunately has become a very stressful task for the disabled. 

According to an article from, “We see that people aren’t practicing social distancing, so going inside stores can provoke feelings that range from disgust and anxiety to anger and fear. But we have to eat while trying to keep ourselves and our families as safe as possible, so what are some strategies for buying healthy food in the time of COVID-19?”

Please read this article and the five strategies outlined. Share it and get the message out to the public. We all must do our part and keep our communities informed as we fight COVID-19.

To read the full article, visit:

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