With Every Wheel Carry Accessory Bags
Designed for Adults in Wheelchairs

Formally Launches TODAY

Brooklyn, NY, March 2, 2020 – With the virtual beat of a drum and the blare of a trumpet, PunkinFutz, the company that creates award winning and innovative sensory play products and accessories for children with adaptive needs, formally enters the adult category today with the introduction of Every Wheel Carry accessory bags. The bags will help lifelong and new wheelchair users keep critical items at hand including wallets, phones and licenses.

Leading up to today's announcement, Every Wheel Carry recently partnered with the NYC Department of Veteran's Services and the James J. Peters Veteran's Hospital Spinal Cord Injury Unit (Bronx, New York) to provide the bags to their clients for testing and review.

"We have been making these products for children for the past four years," says company founder and CEO Lisa Radcliffe, "and realized that more than half of our customers are actually adults in wheelchairs. We specifically chose to make bags for veterans, as our entire team has family in the military. It is our way to recognize their service and to give back." Radcliffe's brother is a Colonel in the Army.

"The bag, itself, is very innovative. It's very convenient," says Julius Brice, Army veteran, vocalist, writer and producer. "Every Wheel Carry came to my VA hospital (James L. Peters), gave bags to veterans and asked for our feedback. I really believe in this project. The fact that the company is giving opportunity to other disabled people, who produce these bags, is just icing on the cake."
All Every Wheel Carry bags are made in the United States by adults in adaptive work environments and Every Wheel Carry employs a fully adaptive workforce. In 2018, there were 19.2 million men and women veterans in the United States, 90% of whom are men.1 There are nearly 85,000 veterans in wheelchairs today.2

"The opportunity to make a difference in the quality of life for wheelchair users, and especially veterans, is vital," says Radcliffe. "Our goal is to ultimately create a positive environment where adults with disabilities can work and thrive. We want our staff to be empowered by their work experience," says Radcliffe. "The way we employ is central to our mission as a company."

"I think more people should be aware of what our employees are capable of doing," says Melissa Rassmussen, of the Michael J. Raymond Resource Center in Jamestown, NY. "We do our best to employ individuals with all types of disabilities, who help with the production of Every Wheel Carry. "This gives our staff the opportunity to work and to be independent."

"All bags are put through quality control and then packaged for shipping in our Brooklyn headquarters," adds Radcliffe. "After we decide that that the bags are of a quality we would put our name on, we ship them out. Our next step is always to go back to those who use the products to drive our next round of design."

Created for both manual and motorized wheelchairs, as well as scooters and walkers, Every Wheel Carry bags are water resistant; made of highly reflective fabrics created for the U.S. military and first responders; ensure easy access with reinforced pull zippers and Velcro straps; and are durable and washable to make for easy cleaning and use. They feature a grey background and a large hook strip to support your favorite patch. An American flag or choice of military branch patch is available on the website.

The bags retail for $35.95 and can be purchased exclusively at

About Every Wheel Carry
Every Wheel Carry is produced by PunkinFutz, an award-winning brand dedicated to changing the experience of children and adults with a broad range of physical, sensory, developmental and emotional needs. All Every Wheel Carry and PunkinFutz original products are manufactured in the U.S. in supportive and adaptive workplaces using the highest quality materials and responsible sourcing.

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