NYC Residents: Certify your Veteran-Owned Business & Get Access to City Contracts!

Source:’s Small Business Service certification programs feature the Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Program, the Emerging Business Enterprise (EBE) Program and the Locally-based Business Enterprise (LBE) Program. They certify, promote, and foster the growth of the City's M/WBEs and eligible small construction and construction-related businesses. More importantly, the Emerging Business Enterprise Certification Program helps create a fair & equitable city for disadvantaged veteran entrepreneurs too.

The City spends up to $17 billion per year on goods and services. Getting certified will help you compete for these opportunities and access exclusive programs to help your small business grow.

More than 9,000 businesses currently benefit from New York City Certification, and the City is committed to:

  • Award $25 billion in City contracts to M/WBEs by the end of Fiscal Year 2025
  • Award 30 percent of the value of City contracts to M/WBEs by the end of Fiscal Year 2021

Learn more about the program, all the certifications offered and apply by visiting:


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