Honoring Memorial Day - A Message From our CEO

When my brother returned from his tour in Afghanistan, I spoke to him by phone. I don’t get to see him much; he lives with his family on the opposite coast. I asked him how he was and what it was like. He told me about waking to automatic gunfire the night the base was attacked at Bagram. He told me about how, as a neurologist, they had flown him from base to base to treat soldiers from all the allied forces and how, each time, they were at risk of being shot down. He told me about the video calls with his kids.

I am still in awe of what he did, what he does. I know that at the center of my being, I am not capable of doing what he did. I do not have it in me. I could not have survived.

When we chose to launch Every Wheel Carry, I wanted to honor the sacrifices made by my grandfather, my father and my brother, along with the many service men and women of the United States. Every day I remember that they serve our country in ways large and small. I am grateful that because of their service, I can remain safely at home. Each year during Fleet Week, I have opportunities to say thank you to the men and women in uniform, who gather in NYC this time of year. Because of COVID-19, they are not here. I want to take a moment to say that they may be out of sight, but not out of mind.

Thank you. Thank you for your service to our country. I am grateful.


- Lisa Radcliffe, CEO, Every Wheel Carry

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