Feel Good Friday: “The Weight” featuring Robbie Robertson, Ringo Starr and others

Source: “Playing For Change” on YouTube

There has been a lot of disruption as a result of the war against COVID-19. Round-the-clock newsfeeds and broadcasts of coronavirus coverage for the past months have become the norm, most of it being bad: death tolls, unemployment, isolation.

But there’s a lot of good, too. Stories that inspire and motivate us to unite and mobilize for our community. Our healthcare workers are fighting the good fight on the front lines, while our men and women in uniform provide vital assistance. And many more.

That’s why at Every Wheel Carry, we will be introducing a new weekly blog post every Friday, called “Feel Good Fridays”. Because hey, don’t we all deserve some good news? Absolutely! Today, we would like to share a video from “Playing For Change”.

Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. The idea for this project came from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. Featuring famous musicians Robbie Robertson, Ringo Starr and others, we would like to share this uplifting rendition of this classic song ("The Weight"), as it takes on a whole new form with the world we're living in.

Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph1GU1qQ1zQ, have a listen and feel good on this Friday. Stay safe!

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