Feel Good Friday: "Quality Exceeds Value" - the Story Behind True Laundry company

Being a company that caters to our men and women in uniform, we’re always happy to see other companies that are veteran and minority-owned thrive. For today’s edition of “Feel Good Friday”, we would like to highlight a Black-owned laundry detergent company created by three veterans from Atlanta, Georgia called True Laundry.

Founded by Ali B. Muhammad (Vietnam War Veteran, entrepreneur, real estate developer, consultant, master marketer and transcendental coach since 1968), Malik Saleem and Abdur-Rahim Shaheed (40-year veteran in sales and marketing), True Laundry believes that “Quality Exceeds Value”. A company is only as good as the promises it keeps. True Laundry promises the quality of their products will always exceed the value and be committed to their community. Therefore, it is the mission of True Products to build a company that will become an institution that will provide opportunity and benefits for generations to come.

Let’s all celebrate True Products, the amazing group of veteran entrepreneurs behind its continued success, and feel good on this Friday. Stay safe!

At Every Wheel Carry, we want to highlight stories that inspire and motivate us to unite and mobilize for our community. From our healthcare workers are fighting the good fight on the front lines, to essential workers keeping our infrastructure going. All while our men and women in uniform provide vital assistance. If you have a story you would like for us to consider sharing, send us an email at kevin@everywheelcarry.com and we’ll give you credit if we select yours!

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