Feel Good Friday: “If sports can be adapted, why not musical instruments?”

Source: WheelyGuitars.com

For today’s edition of “Feel Good Fridays”, we would like to share a company that has redefined adaptability with music by creating the world's first electric guitar designed to be played in a wheelchair. They’re called Wheely Guitars, and their custom, patent-pending design features allow for comfortable playing in a wheelchair.

Featuring this amazing product is a video from Team USA’s Wheelchair Basketball Gold Medalist Abby Dunkin playing “The Wheely” with its unique leg rest and chair arm relief. She asks "If sports can be adapted, why not musical instruments?". We agree, why not?

Abby mentions in the video, "The way it is crafted on the body, how it fits in your lap - with The Wheely guitar it was really easy to fit it on my lap and it really did not interfere with my side guard where it would damage the body of the guitar or any part of the guitar at all. It was really easy to fit and play - and I didn’t have to adjust how I sat in my chair either, which was new to me...”. Watch the video to hear the rest of Abby’s testimonial.

You can learn more about Wheely Guitars by visiting https://www.wheelyguitars.com. Have a good look and feel good on this Friday. Stay safe!

At Every Wheel Carry, we want to highlight stories that inspire and motivate us to unite and mobilize for our community. From our healthcare workers are fighting the good fight on the front lines, to essential workers keeping our infrastructure going. All while our men and women in uniform provide vital assistance. If you have a story you would like for us to consider sharing, send us an email at kevin@everywheelcarry.com and we’ll give you credit if we select yours!

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